Saturday, June 20, 2009




If it were the intent of the Nazis to kill the 'Jews' and get rid of their bodies it would have been a much simpler task than all the effort with the furnaces


The Nazis would have needed only ship them from the cities to the work camps.


Sorted out which was going to be kept alive at the work camps, placed the rest back on the train. and traveled 15 miles down the track to a second camp. 


Unloaded the elimination batch from the train at the second location and marched them to a low area in a valley.


Placed them all together in the open and exploded some napalm bombs which would have fried them all in a minute.


Push their remains in a low area and push dirt down from the hill above them. In 4 hours the Nazis could have killed and covered up a thousand at a time. Their remains would have been 10.. 15 feet below the ground.


The idea that the Nazis would have been so inefficient, using furnaces to eliminate bodies is laughable.




When I was a kid in the 1950s, the news reels used to state the furnaces were used to get rid of those who died in the camps and 50 years later it was changed to, the prisoners were taken to the camps to be killed.

With in minutes I could conceive of a way to kill thousands and conceal their bodies with in a matter of hours. A mountain dirt could cover up bodies with 15 feet of dirt, daily .


By the simple method I imagined there would be no witnesses to hear, see or smell any thing. The suggestion that the Nazis could not conceive of this method, or far better ones, is laughable.


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