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This week, (last week of August 2009) on PBS they had a program about Stalag 17. They stated in that year, over 30 million people were killed in ONE YEAR. The war went on for 5 1/2 years, so it looks like there would have been over 100 million people killed in WW2?

No matter what the exact numbers were, 'Jews' were a trivial fraction of those who suffered and were murdered.

Shot, bombed, stabbed, gassed or burnt alive, every non 'Jew" murdered by any means is just as dead as any 'Jew'.

Holocaust.. just for da Jews? Give me a break


The difference in being labeled tyrants or brave heroes, depends if you are the winners or losers in a conflict/war.

Europeans 'Jews' who fled to Palestine after WW2, murdered and took the home lands of natives are heroes doing the will of God (as long as they have the mass murder weapons and are winning.

When 'Jews' were the helpless population being murdered and driven out of their homes in Europe, they were poor little victims.

When the Europeans gave the native Americans blankets with small pox to wipe them out, they were doing God's will, driving out the savages.


In WW2, the politicians got the Germans in a mess they could not get out of. They were surrounded on every side.

The Germans did not have enough supplies for the population and the prisons had starving people. Any one who did get gassed, suffered less than those who starved, froze and/or died of the disease infested camps.

After looking at the track record of all the agreements the US government made with the native Americans, who would be goofy enough to think they would keep the agreement they signed at Geneva?

The USA signed the Geneva Convention agreeing not to torture prisoners. In spite of their agreement they placed prisoners in Guantanamo bay, where they were tortured, over and over, week after week, month after month. If the USA did not have the superior murder power, our politicians and prison guards would be found guilty of war crimes.

The reason why Nazis were 'war criminals' and Americans are not, is ONLY because the Nazis lost the war.




Wednesday, August 26, 2009



US politicians in the pockets of the 'Jews'?

89-year-old John Demjanjuk, too frail to walk was carried out of his house to be deported?

Imagine that? I watched 'documentaries' where 'Jews' grinned with glee, telling how they forged papers to get into different countries.

Mexicans illegally cross our borders by the thousands every year and they end up getting a citizen ship?This year (2009) they rounded up another 'Nazi'. They already tried to nail him for being a guard at a Nazi prison camp and he was found not guilty. Because they could not find him guilty of any 'war crime', this time they deported him because he gave false information to get into the United States.

The old German had been in the country. He worked here, paid his taxes and retired.

To appease the 'Jews' the US politicians booted this guy out of the country for falsifying information on immigration papers 50 years ago?


Am I a white supremacist? I have the same opinion of 'white supremacist' as I have of 'Jews'. Every thing is all about them and the hell with every one else.

As for the Nazi party, they are no different than Republicans or Democrats. Political parties do what ever they can get away.

Propaganda not only consists of concocted BS, it also involves information intentionally left out or hidden. After 55 years of brainwashing, what do I believe now?


If I were to tell you no 'Jews' were ever put in showers with gas chambers, how many would be goofy enough to believe me? DUH !!!

Those of you as old or a little older then me, grew up as kids watching the news reels between movies and we got to see these same clips over and over and over.

The hydrogen cyanide was delivered by the Degesch Company under the label "Zyklon B", whiteish-blue crystals in sealed cans, originally used as an insecticide for delousing clothes. "Zyklon B" evaporated immediately upon exposure to the air when poured into a room.

There were literally hundreds of Nazi camps in Germany and surrounding countries under their control.

It appears the propagandist neglect to state that gas was NOT used in 99% of the camps, and they neglect to state, there was no discrimination. 'Jews' were only a segment of the prisoners who got to try out the showers.

Surf the internet and find the image of the 'Jew' with no shirt with suspenders. The caption is something like 'Jews just before being sent into the gas chamber'

I have altered my picture to bring out detail. It may be my imagination but on the right, it looks like 3 shoulders. The guy on the extreme right cut off. If it is not a shoulder, the guy on the right has a big belly.

The point here is to look at all the muscle/meat on these 'Jews' being sent to gas chambers... then look at the actual footage of WW2, when the army went into the prison camps.

Explain why there were skeleton men so weak they had to be carried out on stretchers at the end of the war... too weak to do any work, but here we have muscular 'Jews' able to work, and the Nazis killed the healthy/strong and kept the weak/skeleton men alive?


It is not too hard to understand. In the 40s and 50s, most of us did not have TV. The programs on TV were good for that time, but they were not close to a movie picture.

During the war and after, Hollywood was pouring out propaganda films.

Of course Warner Brothers was owned by Jew brothers (3 of them were born in Poland).

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ... Almost every movie we watched was the creation of 'Jews'. In that era, they had total control on the propaganda machine.

Is it any wonder when the present day sees images of people in Nazi prison camps, they think they are all 'Jews'?


When a non 'Jew' is murdered by a bullet, fire, gas or a bomb, is he not as dead as a 'Jew'?

When a non 'Jew' gets cancer, does that disease have a different title when a 'Jew' gets it? ... So how did 'Jews' go through a Holocaust during WW2 and the millions of others who were murdered, did not go through a Holocaust? Only because 'Jews' are special, better than all other people?

If being shot, gassed, stabbed, bombed, burned ... murdered by the millions identifies people as being in a Holocaust, then every one who suffered and/or murdered in WW2, were Holocaust victims.

Depending on who was telling the story, there were 80 to 110 million people killed in WW2, but to hear the story today, it was all about the death and suffering of the 'Jews'

All the stuff I was brainwashed most of my life, I accepted as fact. This is just a self examination of why I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.


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Saturday, June 20, 2009





We are told that the intent of those gas chambers was to kill the weak Jews when they arrived on the trains.




There are all kind of web photos of people who just arrived to the camps on the trains and the captions are 'Jews' waiting in line for the showers to be gassed.

Isn't that funny to see all of those healthy men who just got off the trains waiting to be gassed, when we see the films when the allies arrived at those camps and we see 'Jews' who could not even stand up?



These guys taking a nap and couldn't even get up when the allies arrived.

Go to Google and place these key words in their search engine executed immediately Nazi Jews

"The genocide of the Jews was the culmination of a decade of Nazi policy under the ... Those too weak to work were executed immediately"


It is the authors of such BS that future generations will actually believe. They will not consider the multitude of sick / crippled prisoners that were kept alive and carried out of the camps when the allies arrived.




Here are some more 'Jew' prisoners who were filmed when the allies arrived.



It wasn't summer when the allies got to this camp, but they had the prisoners strip, so they could film how pathetic they were.


Can you imagine 'Jews' convincing the world that sick / weak prisoners were executed by the Nazis?




If it were the intent of the Nazis to kill the 'Jews' and get rid of their bodies it would have been a much simpler task than all the effort with the furnaces


The Nazis would have needed only ship them from the cities to the work camps.


Sorted out which was going to be kept alive at the work camps, placed the rest back on the train. and traveled 15 miles down the track to a second camp. 


Unloaded the elimination batch from the train at the second location and marched them to a low area in a valley.


Placed them all together in the open and exploded some napalm bombs which would have fried them all in a minute.


Push their remains in a low area and push dirt down from the hill above them. In 4 hours the Nazis could have killed and covered up a thousand at a time. Their remains would have been 10.. 15 feet below the ground.


The idea that the Nazis would have been so inefficient, using furnaces to eliminate bodies is laughable.




When I was a kid in the 1950s, the news reels used to state the furnaces were used to get rid of those who died in the camps and 50 years later it was changed to, the prisoners were taken to the camps to be killed.

With in minutes I could conceive of a way to kill thousands and conceal their bodies with in a matter of hours. A mountain dirt could cover up bodies with 15 feet of dirt, daily .


By the simple method I imagined there would be no witnesses to hear, see or smell any thing. The suggestion that the Nazis could not conceive of this method, or far better ones, is laughable.





The Nazis knew a month ahead that they had lost the war. If it were their intent to kill the 'Jews' they had the mass murder weapons and the opportunity.


The Nazis could have killed every prisoner in those camps. It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel... BUT the Nazis received no orders to kill the prisoners. They were still alive when the allies got to the camps.


I might also note, there appears to be a  WHOLE BUNCH OF PRISONERS WHICH DID NOT HAVE TATTOOS.



The Nazis had no intent to kill prisoners when they arrived or they would have all been dead before the allies got with in a hundred miles of the camps.





Remember the 'Jew' story is the Nazis killed all the weak prisoners who were unable to work. You see this segment in almost all clips of prisoners in WW2. 


Not these guys can not even stand with out crutches and again I could see no tattoos.  (the placement of tattoos, discussed in the blog on tattoos.)


According to 'Jew' web sites, those who could not work were killed immediately... my, my it kind of looks like a lie.


In the Internet pages we see healthy men who just got to the camps about to be killed, but how is it at the end of the war when the allies entered the camps there are prisoners who had to be carried out of the barracks, on crutches or here, this guy had to be carried on the back of another prisoner?
... and yet people believe the 'Jew' story of the Nazis killing those who could not work.

Oh yeah, if it were the Nazis intent to take prisoners to the camps to be killed, how is it some prisoners claimed to have been taken from one camp to another?

Watch some actual WW2 footage from PBS or The Discovery Channel and watch as prisoners were so weak they had to be carried out on stretchers.


On TV documentaries we read when the trains came into the camps, the weak... women and children were separated and executed immediately.

Here is a frame taken from a WW2 film when the allies entered in the concentration camps.

A whole bunch of little kids that were NOT killed by the Nazis when they got off the trains, but they were still alive when the allies arrived at the camps.

"The Nazis immediately killed women and children when they got off the trains".. another 'Jew' lie exposed ?


The image below was too grainy for me to enhance. The only thing I could do is remove the back ground from one boy to give you an idea of their health. To me they look like starving Ethiopian kids.

When the allies arrived at the prison camps, they got prisoners to strip naked so the world could see the physical condition they were living in. Here we see little skeleton boys (maybe 3 to 6 years old) rescued by the allies.

But.. but.. but wait, in all of these 'Holocaust' web sites I am reading, they are telling us when the trains came in, the women and children that were unfit to work were sent to one side and immediately executed.

These boys were not killed when they got off the trains. They were still alive when the allies entered the camps.

" Women and children that were unfit to work, were executed immediately." Looks like a crock to me.

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